11 June, 2006

Dubai's Unknown Soldiers

Perhaps in a more enlightened day a memorial will be erected.

Gulf News, published: 06/11/2006 12:00 AM (UAE)

Construction worker dies of heatstroke
By Bassma Al Jandaly, Staff Reporter

Dubai: A worker died of heatstroke after collapsing at a construction site at around midday on Saturday, police said.

Police said the Indian worker, identified as Harinath, died in Rashid Hospital after collapsing at his worksite near Dubai's Knowledge Village.

Hospital sources said he died following complications after suffering heatstroke while working in the summer heat.

"The temperature was very high and the workers cannot tolerate such heat," a hospital source said.

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BD said...

In some countries...

--the contractor who employs the worker could be sued
--the developer who hired the contractor could be sued
--the government would already have laws in place to hold companies legally responsible in cases of injury and death, unless the company could demonstrate it had adequate and required safety proceedures in place
--the government would have strict codes of Occupational Health and Safety Regulations that would serve to prevent such incidents from occuring

BD said...

A company successfully sued for wrongful injuries and death...

--would have trouble obtaining affordable insurance
--would have a damaged reputation and have trouble securing contracts
--could eventually default on its contracts
--would either have to shape up and protect its workers or go out of business

Anonymous said...

and let me guess....the contracting company was owned by either ali baba or one of his 40theives?

raw said...

& in the uae???

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