18 June, 2006

Seeing is believing

Here are some places in Dubai to zoom in at Google Earth.

This is somewhere near the airport. Read 'Dubai'

The World islands.

The Palm Jumeirah.

The Emirates Towers.

DUCAMZ and Dubai Used Car Complex (Top left). Zoom in to find your car. :/

The over-pictured building in Dubai.

Burj Dubai under construction.

Dubai International Airport's extension under construction.

Dragon Mart.



Woke said...

The Dragon Mart looks a lot cooler from top.

It was a nightmare taking a walk through that place which was like a 10 km strip selling iron pipes and cheap plastic flowers. I wonder if Nakheel is finding any takers for this place these days?

Anonymous said...

LOL you forgot the porcelein tubs and toilets! It's really funny how the Dragon Mart turned out. It's the 'China town' of Dubai and it's odd..the typical China Town is lively and full of Chinese products from A-Z! But the stores at Dragon Mart are selling all the same stuffs! If it's planned to be like that I don't know. But I guess this site would bloom once International City is finished.

Keefieboy said...

Weird place. Tried to get in on a Friday a couple of weeks ago but it was closed. It was 11am and we were on the way to Hatta, but thought we'd give it a go. I've never seen any marketing or promotion for this place, and nobody's ever explained to me what it's about. So now I know: iron pipes and plastic flowers. Hmmm.

trailingspouse said...

I think Dragonmart will take off eventually and will be an airconditioned Nasser Square, Naif, Karama and Satwa all rolled into one. However that probably won't happen until International City is finished. We visited a few months ago and got horribly lost trying to find our way back. Drove all the way round International City, through the back of Nad Al Sheba and then through a bunch of camel farms until we finally found ourselves in the back of Al Quoz. Quite an adventure, but certainly not the quickest route. They could certainly increase their business if they added a few road signs.

Anonymous said...

the world looks like a diaster. the palms looked alot better at similar stage in the game.

Anonymous said...

it's me 'anon 2:22' again.

just played with the google earth thingy and zoomed in on the palm islands. has anyone told the purchasers of those houses that they will be about as close together as a lo-middle to middle-middle community in a not so affluent city????

Woke said...

Nakheel realised they have done a blunder with Dragon Mart - on one hand they are trying position themselves as a high end developer and on the other hand they tried to create a platform for cheap chinese goods.
So they are not associatiing themselves with Dragon Mart anymore.

Anon 2: 22...wait till you see the Deira Palm come up(if it ever does). A floating ant hill -considering the density of this 'high-end' luxury development.

Anonymous said...

The nice thing about Dragon Mart is the workers' housing right alongside. The bad thing is...

...well, iron pipes, plastic flowers, and worse...greed, the bane of Dubai. Eg., a small handheld flashlight, battery-charged by a slight pumping action, made in China, of course, excellent little item. Price, Bur-Dubai creekside shops: Dh. 5. Price, Dragon Mart: Dh. 10. Again, nifty plastic gel-ink ballpens (specific brand). Price, Carrefour: 2 packs of 10 each for Dh 10 (last year). Dragon Mart (shortly thereafter: Dh. 1 per piece.

How long before the public wakes up to this daylight robbery?

However, in commiseration, it would seem that hard-to-come-by items needed in construction and interior design projects, for example, can be ordered through agents at Dragon Mart, at a fraction of the market prices.

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