17 June, 2006

oh noes

Apparantly the sky is not the limit...

Dubai tower developers hit flight path turbulence
Developers may face restrictions in areas of Dubai previously unaffected by limitations on building heights.
The race to build super-tall skyscrapers in Dubai is beginning to interfere with the flight paths of planes landing at the airport.

And developers are being forced to slash the height of proposed buildings — costing them millions of dollars in lost sales and rental income.

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The Lady said...

Does this mean they're evaluating flight paths for all 3 terminals? The 2 in Dubai, and the planned airport in Jebel Ali? Considering how small this city is, this 'review' should be an enjoyable task.

Yet another fine example of jumping before looking.

BuJ said...

oh dear.. what a shame eh? lost income and all..

poor developers..

Harsha said...

saved some more labourers..

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