21 June, 2006

Paradise Now -- before it's too late

So, it's my first post on here. Anyways, I managed to watch it last Saturday. All I can say is that Paradise Now's a really well done movie. It did deserve the Golden Globe, and the many other awards it did get.

Its page on Cinestar's website says it's got 2 daily shows. Yes, just 2. Unlike the several more daily shows last week. It is worth the 30 dirhams it costs, possibly more. Get yourself a ticket and watch it.

Don't miss it, particularly if you've never really understood what goes through the minds of Palestinian suicide bombers.

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The Lady said...

I had watched Paradise Now at DIFF earlier this year. Having watched most of the other films as well, I remember thinking it was by far, the best of the lot (further excited when I'd realised my critiquing skills were on par with Cannes).

I'd definitely recommend this movie to anyone that can appreciate an intelligent film.

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