12 June, 2006

"Acts of war" - Complete arrogance!

(Cross-posted originally at BuJ Al Arab)

Today three inmates at Guantanamo Bay committed suicide. This is the Guantanamo Bay that was created outside the US so that it doesn't have to answer to the US legal system but satisfies both the White House and Pentagon. It has been called many things including "illegal", and calls for the camp to be dismantled are now louder than ever. This is the camp that has no prisioners, no convicted criminals, just detainees.

As a result of this suicide...

"The suicides of three detainees at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, amount to acts of war, the US military says." (BBC website)

Doesn't this strike you of the highest form of arrogance?

How can people you have locked up for years wage war on you? You're the superpower! You're the one with the guns!

ufff, this just makes my blood boil!


elendil said...

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and a few other NGOs, have designated June Torture Awareness Month. We've created a blogroll you can join if you're interested. You can find it here. The idea is that everyone is linked to from the blogroll, and in exchange, you discuss torture (as you already do), and link to the Torture Awareness site to help support the NGOs.

There's a lot of bloggers who are angry about human rights abuse in the War on Terror. If we coordinate, we can show our support and help Amnesty and HRW make Torture Awareness Month a success.

uae alias said...

I was totally angry for what happened to them... it made me feel like they gave up on us, like i let them down, like they were testing if it can come to an end!
Do u know that what USA is doing in Guantanmo is being done in North African countries and in Garcia as well... USA is using these places to torture USA prisoners.

MamaDuck said...

Another US official thought the three suicides were an effective PR exercise. Say what?

Anonymous said...

Good news .Actually more should die and commit suicide .Amnesty and thier brothers go to hell .
As for your brothers in somlia,sudan ,afghansistan and other sick places poison pill should be subscribed .You know why instead of killing and wasting bullets on them it is better they have the pill and commit suicide ..

Seabee said...

I thought this was a good question from UK Constitutional Affairs Minister Harriet Harman :

"If it's perfectly legal and there's nothing going wrong there - well, why don't they have it in America and then the American court system can supervise it?"

BuJ said...

elendil, thanks for that.. i will join your blog movement as it sounds interesting plus it's for a cause we should be all fighting for: Basic human rights.

uae alias, i know Guantanamo isn't the only place the infidels commit their crimes. I think it happens now in Libya and I'm certain it happens in Jordan, but we're not supposed to know about it.. so keep it between us.

mamaduck, it's disgusting eh? what do you seek to gain from PR if you're dead?

seabee, thanks for that.. very interesting quote, especially coming from the US's biggest ally!

mind you i have always respected the UK for their tolerance (at least on internal matters).. i believe if 9/11 happened in the UK that muslims wouldn't feel even half as threatened as they felt in the USA. However, having said that, I hope no country ever sees anything like 9/11 every again.

comparing the brits to the yanks is futile in terms of diplomacy and politics. they brits are much better and more candid. if guantanamo was british i'm sure we wouldn't even know about it and thus it wouldn't be a PR disaster. however i want to stress that the UK treats people inside the UK very fairly and doesn't generally judge based on colour or faith.

BuJ said...

PS: unrelated, but the Israeli PM is in London to discuss Israel's final borders.. ufff.. this warrants another post soon!

seems bad news comes together.

Anonymous said...

US is too busz torturing and stealing Iraq oil and preparing for Iran, they forgot to train for the worl football cup...they deserve to loose.
don't the US poeple feel that they are hated all over the world, everybody was cheering against them today during football different nationalities, why do they ask the arabs to change and revole while they supposudly democracy do nothing

BuJ said...

didn't wanna post it fully here coz it's kinda too raw so check out my latest post here.

perhaps it sheds some more light at what our "cousins" are doing in this world...

Mise said...

The commander of the Guantanamo facility, Rear Admiral Harry Harris, speaking about the detainees said,

"They are smart, They are creative, they are committed. They have no regard for life, neither ours nor their own. I believe this was not an act of desperation but an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us."

Surely the characterisation of suicide as a 'creative' act is the most cynical use of language? And the reduction of a human being's most unnatural deed to the mathematical clinicality of 'asymmetrical warfare' must rank with 'collateral damage' and 'friendly fire' in the lexicon of military euphemism and doublespeak.

Tim Newman said...

don't the US poeple feel that they are hated all over the world

Not really. They just look at the millions trying to enter the USA and become US citizens and assume that they can't be hated that much.

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