13 June, 2006

Perils of the on-the-job blog

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"On the first day of his internship last year, Andrew McDonald created a website for himself. It never occurred to him that his bosses might not like his naming it after the company and writing in it about what went on in their office."

I bet there are some great stories waiting to be told from the inside UAE companies. How about it, guys? Anyone willing to spill the beans? :P


Anonymous said...

I made a blog about my school here.. i used my school's name and changed some letters to make a pun. but i deleted the blog after a few weeks because some students who made some websites about the school was caught and nearly got expelled.

The principal said that he can sue them for creating those websites...lol so i deleted the blog i made knowing that it could stir up some trouble with its contents. :)

BuJ said...

i made a blog about my school too.. back in 1996.. i sneaked in a camera (big zoom, 310mm lens!) and i took a pic of the school head..

the site was up for 2 yrs then it was shut down by tripod..

back in those days blogs didn't exist, but i had loads of fun and was quite popular in school as a result..

teachers didn't know it was me so they still wrote some good words about me when i applied to university..

hehe good ole fun!

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