24 June, 2006

Gulfnews: Curbs on maids draw mixed reactions

Gulfnews: Curbs on maids draw mixed reactions

On the request of tenants, Al Habtoor Group's real estate division, which manages the Emirates Oasis community compound, issued a notice on June 15, restricting housemaids from using the swimming pool and gym.

Martin Seward-Case of the Interim Steering Committee for Emaar's Springs and Meadows communities in the Emirates Hills said he was "glad" to hear that residents' concerns were being addressed at Emirates Oasis. "We believe that residents should have a greater right to use the facilities than those that are using them through employment," said the British national.
Julia Atherton-Dandy, a British national residing in the Gardens said she did not mind sharing the recreational facilities with maids but did not express the same enthusiasm for male employees at the compound.

So, curbs on females gets mixed reaction, but curbs on males does not?


BD said...

While a maid or male domestic working are on duty I would think they should not be using the recreational facilities, and they should not be able to use them off-duty unless they are guests of a resident. Whatever the policy is regarding guests use of such facilities it should apply equally regardless of the work, background, status, etc. of the individual.

Anonymous said...

...which will require a definition of on-duty, off-duty etc.,..the employer will be best placed to judge this perhaps...or will that be left to the propoerty management?

DJE said...

On Julia Atherton-Dandy's comment regarding male compound employees - "When it's men who stare at women then it is not a very nice experience," she appears not to mind male residents staring at women - this being one of the biggest problems in mixed-culture compounds in Saudi Arabia

Tainted Female said...

Staring or no staring... you don't find females pulling down their pants and wanking off in public like you do (subcont) males in popular centers these days, due to the state of undress of women there, and the males unaccustomed eyes to the nakedness.

I can see where this is coming from, totally.

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