29 June, 2006

Arabic Translation Available

I've added an Arabic translation link in the sidebar. But it seems not to work when clicked on. Instead, the link must be copied into the URL bar manually or opened in a new tab for those with tabbed browsing. Unlike the other translation links, this one is not yet banned by Etisalat.

Could an Arabic reader try it out and comment on the quality of the translation?


رحـّــال said...

I am afraid the quality is really poor. One funny thing though, is that it said at the end:

Posted by Bahraini Dinar!

Emirates Mac said...

Unfortunately it seems blocked to me, whether I click on it or copy-paste the URL.

BD said...

^^^ Surprised it isn't working for you, as I assume you are a Mac user. I am using Safari 2.0.4 and it works when I open in a new tab and paste into the URL. Etisalat does not seem to have blocked it yet whereas the other translation links are blocked.

^^^ رحـّــال,
Too bad it's poor quality. Will it at least give a poor English reader an idea of what is being talked about, or is it so bad that one might as well not even bother with it?

رحـّــال said...

Well, yes, it gives the reader an idea of what the post is about but the quality is really poor.

If you are really keen to dilver the massege to the arabic reader I could help and translate a summery of selected posts- maybe up to 4 a week?

BD said...

^^^That's a great offer, but I think it would be too much to ask. I would like, however, to post say a 1-time Arabic post on some of my blogs as way to introduce the site to Arabic speakers--and hopefully this might also mean they could come across it in web searches. I'll email you about that sometime if you don't mind.

رحـّــال said...

well, i shall wait for your email then. I feel there is a gap between the Arabic and the English bloggers in the UAE and i will be happy to participate in bridging this gap :)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!
Why would etisalat block the translation URL?

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