04 June, 2006

Want to put your creativity to good use? Here's the chance.

Creative Majlis invites you to explore various exciting opportunities to pool in your talent and skills with creative professionals from around the world for social causes and community service.

'How Your Talent Can Impact The World Around You'
An interactive session covering the broad scope of creative voluntary work in Dubai
Conducted by Maliha Raza

Proposed agenda:
* What is voluntary work? Why volunteer?
* Scope of voluntary work in Dubai
* How to use your special talents towards community service
* Open Space - an activity for members to explore their interest-areas in voluntary work & propose project ideas
* Creative Majlis as a platform for creative community service, locally and worldwide

When: 7:30 pm onwards, Monday, June 5, 2006
Where: The Grind, Al Manazel Building, Mankhool Road, Bur Dubai, UAE.
Contact number of the venue: Ph: 04-3989304

Entry and participation is free. Participants ordering refreshments need to pay for their orders individually.

Kindly RSVP here

We look forward to your participation.

Farrukh Naeem & Mayura Sandeep
Founders & Moderators
Creative Majlis
Email: creativemajlis@yahoo.com
Phone: 050-7151722

About Creative Majlis
Creative Majlis is a global network of creative professionals pooling in skills and resources voluntarily for community service and social causes. We are based in Dubai and our membership is across countries like the USA, South Africa, Germany, Singapore, Russia, India and of course, the UAE. Membership to Creative Majlis is open to all who wish to volunteer for social causes with their skills, experience, resources and most importantly, creative ideas. We welcome writers, copywriters, art directors, graphic designers, artists, journalists, PR professionals, publishers, printers, internet wizards, volunteers ready to devote time and efforts to community service.

About Maliha Raza
Maliha Raza is a core team member of Creative Majlis. She has an extensive experience of over 13 years in the field of organization development (OD). Maliha has consulted for organizations in eight countries over the globe and implemented OD assignments for leading international organizations ranging from the development sector (United Nations) to financial organizations (Amex) and the cellular industry (Airtel, Hutch) to IT. She is also a life coach, counsellor and a trained clinical psychologist.


Beverly Hillbilly said...

kewl man, where can i get my volunteer visa from.

farrukh: co-founder and co-moderator, Creative Majlis said...

No visas needed to contribute your ideas hillbilly - if you are outside the UAE, participate through our 24x7 messageboard


Umesh K said...

Hi All,

I am new to the world of Volunteering.But very much interested in it.

Can someone please tell me abt Creative Majlis ? What is a Volunteer expected to do ???

Would appreciate if someone can guide me.

Thanks & Regards,
Umesh Khiyara

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