16 June, 2006

'Marriage gangs' prey on youths

Poor lambs. They try to do the right thing, and look what happens.


Shahzad said...

Poor lambs?
Saudi Arabs, you calling them lambs?
If you read the GN article you will read "temporary marriages"
What does temporary marriage mean?

Looking for a beautiful cheap females abroad- lambs?

In Hyderabad, India for many decades Arabs have been going there for marriages to girls as young as 13 and they themselves might be 50+, they spend nights with them.
After some days they are back in their country leaving that poor girl there to decide where her fate will take her.

You take a girl's virginity at 13 by claiming to marry her- lambs?

And these are not only in Saudia, all GCC nationals are famous for this.
They need to stop this, some day all Arabs will lost self respect.

secretdubai said...

shahzad - it's sarcasm, don't worry. We all find these men despicable, and they deserve what they get.

J. Edward Tremlett said...

too funny for words

Anonymous said...
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