09 June, 2006

Sheikh Mohammed's new book

In Magrudy's yesterday the assistant said that the English language edition of "My Vision: Challenges in the Race for Excellence" will be out next month. In the meantime, here's a lengthy synopsis and review from today's Gulf News, with translations, I think, by the reviewer.

A visionary's extraordinary mission
Reviewed by Abdul Ghafar Hussain, Special to Weekend Review

Shaikh Mohammad's book provides an understanding of Dubai's past and presents stimulating ideas for future growth.

- "I like people who candidly open their hearts while talking to me and say what they want fearlessly and straightforwardly. How can leaders learn from their mistakes if people would always tell them what you are doing regarding so and so is good while they hide another judgement?"

- "I like to exchange honest points of view with people. I am open to criticism which may be our guidance towards rightness."

- "A venture is an idea. If we would not find a new idea we do not need the venture. Then it will not be according to the global standards we have adopted."

Full feature.


Woke said...
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Anonymous said...

i don't believe it.

black belt 1st dan,shotokan! said...

people care?

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