24 May, 2006

Background Music?

Do you enjoy listening to quiet music while at work or while blogging or e-mailing? Perhaps some quiet jazz or classical piano? Well, you know the greats are all well-known, but if you wanted to try something different, something undiscovered, something original (me hopes) then check out the following music pages:

MKD Piano Album 1

MKD Piano Album 2

Lefty's Rhythm.mp3

More coming soon, much more actually, but I need to find the time to upload.

Major thanks to SD for making this possible.

(A bit of shameless advertising brought to you by BuJ)


TwinTopaz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TwinTopaz said...

ahem...i have downloaded them and a audio CD is ready..i will be listening to them on my way home today...

If i met any accident...the whole responsibilty will be on Buj's shoulder!!

BuJ said...

hi twintopaz!

it's an honour really :)

well if u had an accident i would be glad to take responsibility! means the music is either very well received or really annoying.. eitherway i hope it's the former :)

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