16 May, 2006

Gridskipper Interview: Secret Dubai Diary

Gridskipper Interview: Secret Dubai Diary

Once again, Gridskipper delivers a fine interview. Recommended.

It baffles me how an interviewer can do an interview with a fine writer and come up with something new you'd not necessarily get by reading her blog. But I'm glad Gridskipper has that talent.


secretdubai said...

Interesting. I thought most of it was there in my blog, but maybe not. I feel like I've emptied my entire head over the past four years, but maybe there are still a few things up there.

Mohamed Elzubeir said...

Well, I can't say all this is 'new' information. The only thing that I did not know about SD or how she thinks is when it comes to restaurants.

Could actually guess that Noodle House and Wagamama are a favorite (don't ask me how.. just could guess it). They're not mine. Certainly not Wagamama -- though the food is excellent, they don't have a smoking section so I don't eat there. Noodle House is fine (not th best food).. and never really got into sharing a table with a bunch of strangers.

secretdubai said...

they don't have a smoking section so I don't eat there

See that's one of the reasons that I do eat there! Plus I love the food. Summer Garden Chinese (I have this lurking fear it's actually called Summer Palace, but can't really remember) is my all time favourite though.

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