06 May, 2006

What The Hub! A Million Dirham Home Page?

The Hub

The idea of The Million Dollar Home Page was the first of its kind and it received alot of publicity. Alex Tew, 21 year old student, from England came up with the Million Dollar Home Page ... he did it to pay for his university tuition. He even put the last 1,000 pixels for sale on eBay (click here) and he received $38,000 instead of the regular price ($1,000)!

Now that the Million Dollar Home Page campaign in over, many people are copying the same idea for the sake of making money. It is about time a person from UAE would "borrow" this idea. I admit, it is much more creative than fooling people to send SMS messages to vote for a singer or to vote for the best reciter of the Holy Quran.

What do you think about idea of advertising? The Hub generated (AED 27,200) so far for selling only 2.8% of the available space so far. The Hub is donating 5% of the sold pixels to charity.

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Doubleletter said...

AED 100 for 1 pixel on thehub
$1 for 1 pixel on the milliondollarhp

Still, its good to see something like this in the middleeast.

Wake up people ! Soon there will be more people online than offline

samuraisam said...


this is an obvious plagiarist effort, and a lame attempt. There have been at least 5 or so 'million dirham pages'. Find a new idea to copy.

Anonymous said...

If a link says "The Million Dollar Home Page" wouldn't you expect to be take to that actual page, not to Fahad's article about the page?

Do you just want to get more traffic to your site, Fahad? :-)

The second link to the page actually links to the page, though, so I guess it may just be an honest mistake....

Emaraty said...

Don't people have anything better to waste their cash on?

military woman said...


...like eating four dinners in six hours. You're so right =)

Fahad Al Mahmood said...

I'm sorry "Anonymous" ... when I usually write a blog related to the UAE, I first write it to be published in my blog ... then I just copy it to (UAE Community Blog) ... that's why the link is to another previous topic I've written in my blog ... :)

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