07 May, 2006

Saudi Jeans: Ameena: The Latest Victim of the Religious Police

Saudi Jeans: Ameena: The Latest Victim of the Religious Police

Anyone care to defend the Saudi Religious Police? If not in this particular instance, how about in general? How about in principle if not as practiced?


bandicoot said...

This is to Yazeed, one of the commenters on the original story in Saudi Jeans: I share your dismay at the story of Ameena, but I strongly disagree with you on the need for religious police in Islam (or any other religion for that matter). Even if such police is most civilized, its very existence is stupid and disgraceful and contaradicts the spirit of the faith. Islam is supposed to be a personal religion with no clergy to mediate or officers to enforce its tenents. Countries that sponsor such institutions distrust heir own people and give Islam a bad name.

secretdubai said...

Agreed. Personal moral behaviour imposed by force has no value.

Only moral behaviour carried out due to self-disclipline and a sense of right and wrong has value.

John B. Chilton said...

Bandicoot and SD: What you said. I endorse your theological reasoning. And it is a logic that transcends any one religion.

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