25 May, 2006

On Blogs and Books

(Originally posted here.)

It has been about half a year since I started blogging. Since then I feel like a modern Ibn Battuta or Marco Polo uncovering unchartered waters. Every time I discover a new blog, I discover life, and someone's unique perspective which is absolutely fascinating. However, in the last few months I have noticed that my book-reading has declined sharply.

I believe this is due to my blogging. The time I used to spend reading books of all sorts is not mainly dedicated to blogging. Fair enough, one can argue that both book authors and blog authors are authors in their own right, but I miss being able to sit at night reading my books with some quiet music in the background.

What triggered this question in my mind is one of my earlier posts. It's written in a much more academic way than my posts today, I guess unconciously I have been trying to make my posts more readable. After all who wants to read an essay?

Not many of you I guess would like to feel like English teachers correcting some kids' homeworks. However, I do miss my books, and I will try to dedicate equal times to blogging and book-reading.


secretdubai said...

I don't tend to read too much at home anyway, in fact I actively try not to read at home because I save my books for reading on trips and while having coffee/lunch. I read very quickly so I'd run out otherwise.

By the way have you joined BookCrossing yet? There seem to be quite a few Dubai members. I've just joined, but haven't "released" anything yet. The problem is that all my beloved books I keep, because I re-read them, then most others I take to House of Prose (which helps fund me buying new ones).

So the only books I'm likely to be dropping around the place are crappy ones that even House of Prose didn't want :(

Krishna said...

It is the other way around for me. I started blogging to write "reviews" and "comments" of stuff i read, mostly Books. This helped me recollect important/relavent information about the books i read and develop my thinking process at the same time. It is also a quick mental reference guide when i re-read my own blogs. (I do that sometimes!!)

Still It is hard and expensive to maintain a good reading habit in dubai, due to lack of the variety of books available and their costs.

BuJ said...

hi SD...thnx for that.. sorry for the delay.. but i haven't joined Book Crossing yet.. might do.. but need to get more info about it.

however i do not belong to any book club mainly because i do not like to part with any of my books either before, during or after reading them as i feel they are part of me and i cannot give it to random people as part of a club!

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