24 May, 2006

propaganda machine

Seeing as Etisalat has launched a new propaganda campaign, here is a comparison for you;

Yes. I have an internet connection 16 times faster than Etisalat's 512 offering, and guess what? It's the same price. hahahaha. hahahaha.

(it's a pity i'm downloading a game demo yet I don't even have a properly functioning mouse /: )


Herlock Sholmes said...

I am curious... where do you get your internet connection from? DIC?

Anonymous said...

duh its not etisalat , its freaking I.E. lame. USE FirefoX

archer14 said...

40GB limit right? I guess you've already exhausted half if it.
The laughs on you sam...10 DVDs and you're outta luck!!

samuraisam said...

herlock and anonymous: no, I'm in australia.

archer: 40 GB international, and 40 GB WAIX; plenty for me. I download heaps, but this is enough for me.

samuraisam said...

and archer14: TRUST ME, if you find something you can get 600+ off, or even 150+ on bit torrent, you are LUCKY. most stuff is just as slow as on 512.

archer14 said...

I had maxed to 110kbps on my previous 1 MB conn, on public torrents itself.
Then there are private torrents which offer upto 4Mbps and beyond. I've read comments from their users saying they d/led a DVD in 2 hrs flat.

samuraisam said...

well, in theory, my connection is supposed to be around 1000 KB/S; distance from the telephone exchange, the servers speed, my ISP and other factors reduce that.

Canuck said...

Here in Canada, I use Bell's 5mBit ADSL lines and download from private trackers at a scorching 430kb/sec (provided there are sufficient seeds). Solid connections and, best of all, no caps on downloads.

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