01 May, 2006


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed launches leading hospitality investment project :: Dubai Holding

Bawadi project has been conceived to develop capacity for the forecast dramatic increase in tourism to Dubai, which is set to reach more than 15 million visitors over the coming years, compared to the current six million tourists who visited the Emirate in 2005. . . . Bawadi will add an additional 31 hotels to the Emirate over the next eight years, nearly doubling the current number of hotel rooms in Dubai. Centerpiece of the development will be the world's largest hotel, Asia-Asia, which alone will provide 6,500 rooms, combining 5,100 four star and an additional 1,400 five star rooms.
Here's a tip: If you don't like crowds, Dubai might not be the place to be.

See: Yogi Berra.


dave from doha said...

dubai: constrcutions(?) r us!

Al said...

You know what, I've seen photos of this and it'll contain more copies of world landmarks:


It'll have copies of the world's tallest buildings including the burj dubai, yes that's right. So including the falcon city dubai will now have 2 sets of pyramids, 2 eiffel towers, 2 burj dubais, 3 chrysler tower ripoffs, 2 big bens, 3 taj mahals, taipei 101, petronas towers, and loads more.

I wonder if they have the nerve to build a copy of the world trade centre

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