05 May, 2006

Bye bye pineapple

'Donald Trump’s hair is not the only weird-looking construction he’s intending to create. The Trump Palm is as unique as The Donald’s quiff'

After some negative comments on its design the pineapple-shaped building supposed to be built in The Palm Jumeirah is now redesigned.

'The new ultra-modern design, features a split linked tower – an innovative open core design that minimizes shadows – constructed with stainless steel, glass and stone.'

But I think it would be cool to have a pineapple in the palm tree.

~Falapeno ;)


Seabee said...

Yes, what a huge relief that the appalling pineapple has been canned.

Anonymous said...

really? what happened? how? explain!pls!some1!

John B. Chilton said...

Trump's investment in the venture was zero dirhams. What is it this time around? I presume still zero. The Trump name is worth a lot, evidently.

Keefieboy said...

It's still uglee.

albob said...

That new design looks pretty damn cool I think. The old one didn't remind me of a pineapple, but more of an alien's egg (remember the movie?). This new one's not beautiful but is very impressive. Here's a bigger picture:


Harsha said...

Is this what they mean by master planning?

Nakheel dumps Tulip for monorail-friendly design

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