30 May, 2006

Vanity Fair's take on Dubai

The latest issue of Vanity Fair has some interesting insights about Dubai. From it's logic-defying real estate projects, the 'Cyclone experience' to the labour(or labor as they say) issues , it would have caused a flutter, or perhaps even be censored, had the people in Dubai spent some more time reading.
Some good photos as well, like the oft-used tennis on the Burj-Al-Arab helipad.
I have uploaded the 21-page article here.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Rapidshare and most other of the same free file sharing sites are a bad choice for us in the UAE since we all connect through Etisalat and end up using just a few IP addresses and the services limit per-IP access.

Woke said...

Check http://wokeupjustnow.blogspot.com/ for a couple of scans. Let me try and upload them in some other file hosting server which works. I am aware of RS' limitations.

MamaDuck said...

OK, being a card-carrying technomoron I have no idea what the first two comments mean but I LOVE the helipad-tennis court pic. Never seen it before, by the way. Extreme Tennis. Only in Dubai (TM!)!! They must lose a lot of balls, dontcha fink?

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