16 May, 2006



Dick Morris suggests that if Hillary Clinton (as in Hill') runs for President in 2008, her husbands affiliation with Yucaipa investment fund could be the next Whitewater/cattle futures scandal the Clintons will deliver.

And then there's the Dubai connection:
When Bill joined Yucaipa, the announcement said only that the former president would be working on two other funds - Yucaipa's American Fund and its Corporate Initiative Fund. But the Times reports, "Clinton is also a partner in a Yucaipa fund that invests in overseas ventures, for which he receives regular payments and would draw one-third of the profits when the fund is dissolved at least five years from now."

And Yucaipa last year joined with the Dubai Investment Group to create a new U.S. company: DIGL Inc., which invests the private funds of Dubai's crown prince, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoun, the fifth-richest man in the world according to Forbes. Even if Bill's not directly working with that Yucaipa account, he and Hillary can expect to make millions via a company that works with the sheik.

(Of course, Dubai's known past generosity to Bill and institutions he controls, such as his presidential library, totals a very solid six figures. During the recent ports-deal flap, that relationship had former President Clinton advising and publicly defending Dubai - even as Sen. Clinton was denouncing it.)

Is Bill Clinton getting regular payments from a fund that invests the prince's money? Again, the Clintons should tell us.

If a foreign head of state is even indirectly paying the spouse of a U.S. senator and presidential candidate, the need for disclosure becomes obvious. (The same principle also holds for Bill's other hat - an ex-president posing as a disinterested commentator on America's Middle East relationships.)

Learn these facts well. The tycoon, the ex-president and the sheik are likely to be recurring topics as a Hillary presidential candidacy looms.
Political junkies will have fun with this one.

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archer14 said...

Since she's used her husband for all of this mileage, maybe 2008's the right time for her to 'stamp her foot down on injustice and corruption' and divorce him, and then hope to get more votes.

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