05 May, 2006

Dubai's Training and Rehabilitation Center

BOBO OF ARABIA offers a picture, and cut&paste of the entire May 5, 2006 NYT article in which the Center is mentioned.

Quote from the article:
The patient at Dubai's Training and Rehabilitation Center, a lush facility complete with swimming, art classes and a gym, deep in the desert, says he cleaned up briefly before returning to drugs. He was in the army at one point, in the police force at another, but simply could not hold down a job as his life seemed to spiral out of control. Then one day he was caught and briefly jailed before his family had had enough.

At the center he receives psychological counseling and training and is taught to ease back into society. Relapse rates are high, officials at the center admit, as many drug users return to the environment in which they were using drugs. Nonetheless, the government intends to continue with the program as a central effort.

"The drug problem here is really an invasion," the man said, insisting that he had cleaned up for good. "There is money, the place is open, so it's bound to happen here."
"And briefly jailed before his family had had enough." So his family sprung him from jail?

There are no easy solutions to drug abuse and the UAE is not alone. But it should not be overlooked the role that wealth takes. Families can afford to put pride first and not let their sons take up occupations they might enjoy and find fulfilling even if they family might be embarassed. And, from the other side, too many sons know they will be bailed out by the family in more ways than one.

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