30 May, 2006

Head Case

I wish I'd taken a photo! We were in the fast lane on a flyover on the Emirates Road, passing Florence (?) and the Dragon Mall on our left, when I saw a police motorcycle ahead in the slow lane. Passing a truck, I saw that he was one of three uniformed and helmeted outriders riding before, beside and behind some 15-20 trainees (presumably) t-shirts flapping, and all enjoying the feel of the wind in their hair. Not one of the trainees had a helmet. Gaaaaaaah!


trailingspouse said...

No doubt they assumed they were all exempt from the laws of physics! Just like the driver I knew who said that he didn't wear a seatbelt because if he was in an accident he would just hold on tight to the steering wheel (yeah, right, as the steering wheel went through his chest).

Grumpy Goat said...

No amount of wasta can exempt anyone from Sir Isaac Newton's laws.

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