12 May, 2006

Khaleej Times Online - Teachers sacked by MoE sue accuser for blackmail


I only hope that the language of teaching and testing is not English. And if it is, that this teacher is not a teacher of English. I have to assume KT elected to quote the teacher extensively to show what poor English these teachers have.

And blackmail? I don't get it.


Samawel said...

That newspaper is insane. Or maybe the editor isn't doing all that great a job. Whatever it is, there's some unfair bias in the article, I think. That case is the same with the rest of the newspaper's work.

Sometimes I think as I read that newspaper, "when will it grow up?"

bandicoot said...

For a second, I thought the MoE refers to Mall of the Emirates! Perhaps the mall and he ministry should get together and sort out their confusing identical acronym...

el condo said...

Well, John, the report says she was a Mathematics teacher. Which explains how she was able to challenge her accuser's accounting. Good thing she ain't teaching law, though...it's too convoluted a case.

Speaking of English idiom, how often do you come across this phrase in recruitment (job) advertisements...several times a day? This one appeared in the Gulf News on Thursday, May 11, 2006, on page 1 of the Appointments section:

"Regretfully, only successful candidates will be contacted."

(Ad issued by iQ selection.)

I can only picture their sad faces as they contact the "successful" candidate. Makes you wonder what the job is like.

Granted, most other ads use the term "regrettably". Still makes one wonder. Why constantly do something you regret?

I can only regretfully say that most of these agencies are regrettably managed by people for whom English is supposedly a first language.

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