21 May, 2006

Intersting once again

Do you fancy reading a story about Al Qaeda, Royal death threats, a falcon trader named 'Parrot', Yasser Arafat threatening death to the children of royalty if they didn't donate to the PLO, and "Hercules C-130 military cargo planes filled with hundreds of SUV’s, weapons and even steamer trunks full of US dollars to be given to bin Laden as “gifts” to carry on the worldwide jihad." and [royalty] "then paid members of the Russian Mafia to break his bones", and "Russian Mafia as bodyguards and to procure most contraband items for them such as drugs, children or prostitutes for sexual purposes and even the smuggling of falcons" and somehow there is a link between falcon selling and the Al Qaeda or somesuch.

The only thing missing was a mention of ninja leprechauns...

then read this very interesting article here.


Seabee said...

How refreshing to read such a fine unbiased example of journalism at its best.

Thank you for bringing it to the world's attention.

Tainted Female said...

Hari Harsingh aka Allah Parrot is full of shit, I can’t believe I forgot to link this last night.

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