12 May, 2006

Blog Wars

In a move that will certainly replace the blog bites section from Emirates Today, it seems the recent behavior of bloggers writing to 7days, and signing their letters with their pseudonyms has ensured that blogger wars can transcend onto the letters to the editor column for countless thousands to enjoy.

Case in point…
Initial letter from Ugly Camel:


and a random tangent concerning 7days columnist Lizzy Millar:


I for one find it funny; the popcorn is in the microwave as I write this. The only problem with inter-blogger bitch fests in the newspaper is that the turnover in the argument proceeds every 24 hours compared to the usually spontaneous and instantaneous arguments that seem to appear on/between, now people will actually have time to think about what they write.


desertblog said...

"and a random tangent concerning 7days columnist Lizzy Millar..."

Probably referring to my blog there! Oh well, the more publicity the better.

Seabee said...

And Blog Bites ain't there today, so maybe Ugly Camel's letter really stirred things up!

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