08 May, 2006

Prominent Egyptian blogger arrested

Link (Sabbah's Blog): Prominent Egyptian blogger arrested during protest in Cairo in support of an independent judiciary.

The blogger arrested: Alaa of Manal and Alaa's bit bucket free speech from the bletches.

Article 19, Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Link via TigerHawk who provides other links about Alaa's arrest and gives suggests action by fellow bloggers. Shining the spotlight of the Egyptian government is one thing we can do.


Mohamed Elzubeir said...

Well, having had many interactions with Alaa, he's a good guy -- bit crazy, but good guy. I just didn't know he was prominent until I read this ;)

Maybe you don't think of people that way when you deal with them casually.

bandicoot said...

I visited Alaa’s blog and was impressed with his commitment to free speech and democracy. His courage and that of his partner Nawal puts many other bloggers to shame and is truly inspiring. You read his posts and you won’t be surprised why the Egyptian authorities arrested him. In one recent post he had a snapshot of an unhappy guy standing between protesters and a line of riot police; the caption reads, “the master torturer of state security, Walid El-Desoky.” Alaa deserves a lot more support than what he received on this forum so far. On top of that, his blog is a real riot; simply awesome!

Mohamed Elzubeir said...

Oh no doubt. His partner, who is his wife, is Manal and not Nawal btw.

Alaa is not only a free speech activist, but is also an open source advocate. We don't usually see eye to eye, since I'm a capitalist pig and he's an idealist dreamer -- but that's what makes life interesting ;)

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