30 May, 2006

Blogroll revamp

A new, paid account has been created at Blogrolling.com which allows us up to nine different blogrolls. The reason for this is to try to break down the really long lists into more visually digestible, smaller groups of blogs. The groups we have come up with so far are not fixed, they are still very much open for debate. Likewise, we've tried to fit different blogs into each group, but many blogs cross categories to some extent: it isn't an exact science. Please don't be upset if you feel your blog (or someone else's) is in the wrong category - just let us know and we will move it where it should be.

Community - community blogs, group blogs, blog aggregators
General - blogs with a mix of content, family/personal, random, uncategoriseable
UAE - blogs covering predominantly UAE news, view, politics, business, culture
Creative - creative writing, poetry, art, vlogs (video blogs), phlogs (photography blogs)
Specialist - blogs with a very defineable, specialist slant, such as cars, media, travel
Islam - as it says (can be renamed "Religion" if blogs of other faiths are submitted)
Arabic/non-English - as it says

And as always, please let us know of any new UAE-based blogs you find. We have two blogrolls left, so any suggestions to further categorise things would be appreciated. The only idea so far is a list of inactive/no longer updated blogs - this would be quite a long blogroll.


farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...


Here are a few suggestions for categories, some for serious consideration, some for the readers' amusement:

1. Political blogs
2. Professional blogs
3. Photoblogs
4. Cut and paste blogs... hmm
5. Rants about the UAE blogs (lots will fit in here)
6. Bitchin-about-other-bloggers blogs (lots here too)
7. Blogs by Emaratis

Moona said...

i like this new organization actually

Keefieboy said...

Oi, where's my bleedin' blog then?

Doubleletter said...

Looks fine, though I suggest 'Religion' instead of 'Islam'.

samuraisam said...

keefieboy: sorry, your blog must've been removed by mistaked; it has been added again.

Mohammed UK said...

Excellent job.

(Sam, I thought you said it would be a nightmare?)

I discovered bloglines, as well (I'm only 2 weeks old in blog world).

Agree with Farrukh about photoblogs (and probably Video) category. Would help us non-broadband slowbies.

Thanks for your efforts.

BD said...

What does the * next to some blogs indicate?

BuJ said...

like farrukh's suggestion!

number 7 will be quite busy...but probably can be absorbed in number 4

BuJ said...

bd... an asterix (*) next to a blog indicates its been recently updated.

secretdubai said...

Agree with Farrukh about photoblogs (and probably Video) category. Would help us non-broadband slowbies.

Great - ok I will rename it Creative/Video, and continue to put mainly video blogs in there (even if they're not "artistic"!! in their intent).

I agree that bandwidth is a real issue here. Even those of us with broadband suffer endlessly chugged slow browsing.

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