23 May, 2006

Ninja Leprechauns

Hey, samuraisam, if you're still looking for those missing ninja leprechauns I think there are a couple of guys here who might be able to help you.

"Two men went on trial yesterday for conning a policeman out of dhs8,200 in exchange for the ability to control a magical genie."

Unfortunately this does nothing for the reputation of our boys in khaki.


Seabee said...

I love the way the papers throw in surreal lines, like this one - one of the two accused: "...is also accused of illegally operating as a pharmacist." What the hell has that got to do with anything?

It's bizarre enough already with cops handing over money for genies.

Mohammed UK said...

Is a Ninja Leprechaun a short-statured Irish, Muslim lady in Hijab?

In UK Hijab-ed ladies are nicknamed "Ninjas" see the likeness? Alternatively, someone trapped in a black letter-box.


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