24 May, 2006

Name that Company!


secretdubai said...

My goal is to have 16mbps bandwidth at under Dh100 a month.

I await their delivery of same.

Keefieboy said...


samuraisam said...

secretdubai: that internet connection you linked to is about as useful as a cock flavored lollypop...

"1GB data transfer cap."

at 10 mbps, it takes 14 minutes and 18 seconds to download 1 GB. So, you'd be able to use the connection at FULL capacity, for less than 10 minutes a month... Rip off.

Keefieboy said...

Oh, says Keefieboy, having just read something in Gulf News where an Etisalat official was describing the company. My previous comment was meant to be somewhat ironic, because if there is one company in the UAE that I perceive as the EXACT OPPOSITE of what that guy was saying, Etisalat is it.

Mohammed UK said...

They say they believe it not that they're doing it!

Full response needed a

archer14 said...

1 GB data cap, I thought that shit was prevalent only in India. Now I know better.

EnglishTeacher365 said...

The thing is, it could be virtually any company in the UAE - in the world, even! It's just chocker full of marketing bullshit, and doesn't even mention what their exact business is!!

And do they seriously believe that people actually believe (even bother to read?) this rubbish? I don't think so - they're just mindlessly following a ridiculous trend, but towards what?

Actually, that sort of crap makes me seriously wonder for the fate of the human race. Is is now a race to the bottom?

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