15 May, 2006

Blog cull

As we try to do regularly here, inactive blogs have been removed from the blogrolls. If bloggers start blogging again, we're very happy to add them back, and everyone keeps their membership here regardless. We just don't want the links lists turning into graveyards.

Also a few blogs have been swapped from General to UAE and vice versa, depending on how personal or UAE-related their content is. And a couple of duplications were fixed, and a couple of updates (renames) were done. The blogs that have been removed (ie those who haven't posted for at least two months) are:

Advance Warning - http://mariamreloaded.blogspot.com/
Alvida - http://alvida.blogspot.com/
Al's Place - http://alsplace.blogdrive.com/
Bewildered Expat - http://bewilderedexpat.blogspot.com/
coffee_chocolate_malls - http://coffeechocolatemalls.blogspot.com/
Dani in dxb - http://danixion.blogspot.com/
Designer's blok - http://www.artraj.com/blog/animate.html
Dreams - http://dreamsnm.rediffblogs.com/
Eyes wide open - http://elshahlab.blogspot.com/
Georgie's Jungle - http://georgiesjungle.rediffblogs.com/
Le Blog du Marketing Dubai - http://dubaimarketing.over-blog.com/
Marajaw Karajaw - http://www.stephenlloyd.blogspot.com/
Mare's Crazy Adventures - http://teachingmareaboutlife.blogspot.com/
MarkLisao.com - http://marklph.blogspot.com/
neglected-ism - http://neglectedism.blogspot.com/
NewDubaiResident - http://springsresident.blogspot.com/
Night's Prowling - http://nightsprowling.blogspot.com/
No Secrets - http://nosecretsdubai.blogspot.com/
Perpetual Motion - http://www.da-momma-blog.blogspot.com/
The Sage in Dubai - http://elshahlab.blogspot.com/
SwallowTales - http://swallowtales.blogspot.com/
To blog or not to blog - http://daallo.blogspot.com/
Virtual Scribbles - http://virtualscribbles.rediffblogs.com/

As always: here is an appeal for people to send links to new UAE blogs they have found, as well as to make known any changes/corrections needed. And if any of the inactive blogs resurrect themselves, please let us know!


bandicoot said...

Thank you for the culling (or more accurately, the cremation, as the blogs are dead already); it was sorely needed. Can you also do something about the poll vote on the meaning of life? It’s being running forever and, unless all UAE bloggers drag their friends and extended family members to vote, I doubt that we’ll get much more than the 139 voters we have so far.

Mohammed UK said...

Hey. You can add my blog to your collection.

I think it's gonna be mostly non-UAE, but you could add me to the general list, perhaps...

Also - how do I become a member?

Also also - is there a half decent blog or website for keeping UAE-ers uptodate with stuff that's going on? I mean for the ad-hoc events rather than the "weekly meeting fo ferret-lovers" sort. The papers and their websites are pretty pants.

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