25 August, 2006

Al Ain Dairy Launches The First Camel Milk Ice Cream

Al Ain Dairy Camel Milk Ice Cream

I talked before about Al Ain Dairy planning to launch Al Ain Dairy Camel Milk Chocolate. Looks like Al Ain Dairy took the camel milk a step further ...

Al Ain Dairy said it had launched the first camel milk ice cream in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), positioning the product as a healthy alternative to other ice cream products.

Al Ain, which has set up a camel farm and processing facility, said its new ice cream would be available in supermarkets and petrol stations in chocolate, caramel and strawberry flavours.

The group has targetted weight watchers by highlighting that camel milk ice cream contains only 2.5 per cent fat, compared to between six and nine per cent for standard ice creams.

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trailingspouse said...

Can't wait to try some (seriously). Will certainly freak out my next set of visitors! Anyone seen it in the stores yet?

Mme Cyn said...

Hope they make some sugar-free. You know, with as many diabetics as there are in this country and as many gourmet ice cream spots as there are in, say, Mall of the Emirates, you'd think ONE of them would sell sugar-free ice cream, wouldn't you? *rant over*

secretdubai said...

you'd think ONE of them would sell sugar-free ice cream, wouldn't you? *rant over*

No. Because most doctors here (and elsewhere, in fairness) are still so fking clueless about diabetes that they recommend "low-fat" diets.

I've seen medical advice columns in the papers here where there is zero information given about refined carbs, such as white rice and white bread and potatoes. Or what vegetables are most appropriate. Instead it's all "eat less fat".

God forbid they ever get the concept of the glycaemic index into their thick, medical skulls. Or the concept of "good fats" and "bad fats".

redstar said...

Hear hear, SD.

The low fat still reigns over here, sadly.

Mme Cyn said...

And I have teenaged students who are diabetic and stuff their faces with french fries (yeouch! Like 8o on the GI) and Oronimin C (with glucose, fructose, honey and sugar!). I don't get it.

Fortunately I'm not diabetic myself, I just don't eat sugar. But I LOVE ice cream... and every time I pass an ice cream shop, I ask about sugar free and remind them about the UAE's horrific level of diabetes. Maybe they'll learn?

Anonymous said...

Well, my friend tried it. He says it's OK. I just wasn't courageous enough--camel milk ice cream? (We pass by the "factory outlet" just outside their plant every weekday--it's been available there for the past couple of weeks.)

Elle said...

Well, we tried it...a post of my blog will tell you what I thought of it.

Unknown said...

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