28 August, 2006


I have something negative to say here about my country. :)

It’s one of those sky scrapers, it is not yet completed, and stringy bits of metal are sticking out of its ends.

She sighs, thinking she’s seen too many cranes, bricks, construction cones, pipes, and dug up sand to last her a lifetime. She feels as if she’s growing up on a construction site. She feels scammed at this thought also, angry that the stupid people who were in charge of all this didn’t plan this later, so she could enjoy the compleated wonders of dubai while she was growing up.

This is why us kids are so messed up. ^_^


trailingspouse said...

Dana: Is this a quote from a piece on your blog? If so, a link to your blog would be nice, as I'd like to read the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

Hah,it's off something I did on word.I tend to ramble alot.One post can cover loads of subjects..but my point is..

No matter how much people complain about good ol' dubai,you know whatever you say will not make the slightest difference.Thats why I chose to drone on about my life rather than my country.It's my home,and it can suck,but its still my home.And dont forget,it's your home too.=)

Mirdiff Lite said...

I strongly agree with Dana on this one. As frustrating as it may be sometimes, I found that commenting on the good things does me better. I've just started to blog and don't want to complain just yet. Although reading other's opinions (good or bad) about the emirates is definitely insightful and provides food for thought.

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