26 August, 2006

human rights

"United Arab Emirates: Harassment of human rights activists must stop
Amnesty International is alarmed at the recent measures of intimidation and harassment of human rights activists in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Over the last months the organization has received information about the arrest of a prominent lawyer and a court action against another in order to put an end to their human rights activism and the freedom to practice their work.
On 17 June 2006 an arrest warrant was issued against Mohamed al-Mansoori, a lawyer, human rights activist and President of the independent Jurists’ Association after he was accused of “insulting the Public Prosecutor”. Amnesty International believes that the authorities’ real motive was to silence Mohamed al-Mansoori after he gave several interviews to Arab satellite television channels in which he spoke critically of the human rights situation in the country.
Amnesty International is also concerned at reports that the authorities had been seeking to close the Villa no. 18, City of Hope Women’s shelter in Jumeirah in the Emirate of Dubai. In early August 2006, the founder of the shelter, Sharla Musabih, was said to have been facing politically motivated criminal charges. The shelter houses and supports women and children survivors of violence, including women domestic workers who have suffered abuse by their employers."
-- more here

Worth reading in full.


Anonymous said...

saving this to my HD just in case it gets blocked, will reupload it if it does. :D

Fatima said...

there seems to be something wrong with the link... can you please repost it??

trailingspouse said...

I read it this afternoon, but now it's gone . . . My god, they are really getting fast at this.

There has been a long thread in the Vonage Forum about the blocking of VoIP in the UAE which I have been following. That went this morning too. :(

secretdubai said...

It's not blocked. It's weird, because someone else was complaining about another blocked site that wasn't blocked for me (and no, I'm not currently using anything "naughty", just the regular old proxied connection from my cell).

Maybe some strange inconsistent filtering is going on?

trailingspouse said...

Both working again this morning . . . Guess I'm getting paranoid!

Anonymous said...

Guess what. You have a link on your main page to a blog called "An Emirati's Thoughts". From some of the comments on this blog it appeared to me he may have written something "controversial" (on the Lebanon issue). Everytime I clicked on a link to his blog, my browser would shut down and sometimes, the computer would freeze. (I'm using Apple Mac System 9.)

I kept trying for several days with the same results. (I didn't have a problem with any other blog, though.) I'm going to try again now and will post here if it's still the case.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Tried it again. It's still happening. Browser inexplicably shuts down on trying to access "An Emirati's Thoughts".

secretdubai said...

I just checked it, and it's working for me (OSX.5/Safari).

Is it worth trying another OS9 browser, like icab?

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