24 August, 2006

Mafiwasta.com unblocked

From Emirates Today (link to article):

A website that discusses social and labour issues that was previously blocked by Etisalat has now been made available.

The www.mafiwasta.com website contains reports about incidents involving labourers and their rights. When contacted by Emirates Today, one of its site’s founders, who requested not to be named, expressed surprise about the decision to block the website.

In a statement sent to Emirates Today, Mohammed Najuib, the acting manager of corporate communications at Etisalat, said: “The website was blocked due to several complaints from members of the public about offensive content posted on it.

Etisalat usually blocks sites that are considered damaging to the country’s traditions and values. It also acts upon complaints from the public and investigates them before a decision is made to block a website, according to sources in the telecommunications industry.


Woke said...

What is the procedure for http://www.albahhar.com/ blocked? :D

John B. Chilton said...

If you go to look at the online version of the article it shows an image of the mafiwasta homepage.

If you go to the maftiwasta homepage you will see what was left behind when the image was cropped, including a link to UAEPrison.com.

I'm rather surprised Emirates Today would put so little distance between it and UAEPrison.com

Anonymous said...

UAE Prison.com seems fit for true and right information about uae's human rigthts.

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