19 August, 2006

Happy birthday UAE Community blog!

(Slightly belated) but UAE Community blog was started just over a year ago, with the following aims:

1. A place for UAE bloggers to meet and discuss general blogging issues

2. A place for new people to publicise their blogs

3. A place for less frequent UAE bloggers to cross-post, so people are reminded that they exist!

4. A place to blog stuff that doesn't fit in with your personal blog content

5. A place for UAE bloggers to come up with something not covered in 1-4

1,210+ posts later, it has fulfilled all those aims, and continues to evolve. And it's totally due to the imagination and participation of bloggers in the UAE, and many of their readers.

Thanks to everyone for making this such an interesting, useful, funny, shocking and above all varied place, and here is to the next twelve months!


Anonymous said...

Three Cheers to the Netizens of UAE and Three Cheers for the Moderators too!

Magnus Nystedt said...

Congratulations all around!

flamin said...

Happy Bday UAEC Blog :))

rosh said...

Mabrook Mabrook - keep it rolling : )

nzm said...

Great job - well done!

i, Bobo said...

Where's the cake?

We all want cake!

Seabee said...

I'll drink to that!

And checking around some of the other community blogs, this one is way up there at the top - take a bow.

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