10 August, 2006

etisalat: to "brighten up your day"

I found this amusing album of etisalat logos in a comment on a 7days.ae article posted by someone called 'wry dubai'... Could that be one of our Ws ? :P


nzm said...

doubleletter: the logos were originally posted for use here.

Could that be one of our Ws ?

What's a W?


B.D. said...

Yep, I guess you missed Secret Dubai's post about her creation a while back.

Ahsan Ali said...

cough cough, I guess I'm not a dedicated enough reader :P :P

nzm: Having seen his talent for graphic design, I thought perhaps Woke had done those :P

Woke said...

Doubleletter, I was too busy redesigning their website ;)

Anonymous said...

doubleletter! love yr take on etisalat's web page especially customer support(go away!) quite funnY! enjoy!
etisalat!it is Us who decides what u can access online!!(ok,maybe not original but i;m having a shitty day!)

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