22 August, 2006

Organs of the State II: Body of Evidence

The Gulf News recently reported on the plight of Huma Hussan and her husband, Kamran:

Kamran Hassan, 30, from Pakistan, moved to Dubai with his wife, Huma, 28, five months ago where she has been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. It is a disease where gradually the air sacs of the lungs are replaced by fibrotic tissue causing an irreversible loss of the tissue's ability to transfer oxygen into the bloodstream. "My wife needs a lung transplant but there are no live donors for lungs, you need a sudden death case and hope for matching lungs," said Hassan.

Like any devoted husband would, Kamran is doing everything within his power to aid his wife. Still, obstacles abound: He wants to take his wife

to China for a lung transplant operation (but) is unable to book flights because airlines are restricting the amount of oxygen he can bring on board that are vital for his wife's survival.

There is also is also the matter of money:

"A hospital near Shanghai, the Wuxi Chest Hospital is ready to admit her. They said they could do the transplant in two months but we have no money for the operation and no airline will take us," said Hassan.

I have tremendous sympathy for Kamran. When I was his age I, too, was the primary caregiver for a terminally ill spouse. My heart goes out to him...and yet a part of me hopes that the two never make it to China and get that transplant. My mind says it can't be justified because of the growing body of evidence indicating that something is horribly awry in the way Chinese transplant doctors go about their work.

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bobby fletcher said...

Have you looked into the veracity of Falun Gong's Kilgour report?

I have been following the Falun Gong story since March. I researched this matter after being given a flyer in Chinatown - and I have found many things wrong with this allegation.

In my humble opinion Falun Gong's actions not only discredited their own cause, they also unnecessarily detracted from honest examination of China's human rights record.

FLG's nefarious indictment muddles the rational discussion of issues such as China's legal reform, and Chinese society's moral and ethical standards on dignity and treatment of the condemned, or even death penalty crossing the cultural divide.

In that spirit, I would like to bring to your attention some contrarian facts surrounding Falun Gong's recent media activity:

(all citations are at the end)

- Mr. Mike Stekeetee of The Australian had reported in April US congressional investigation finding the allegation a gross exaggeration. An US Congressional Executive Committee on China (CECC) brief subsquently commented on veracity of Falun Gong's claim of genocide.

- US State Department investigated and found the allegation not credible.

- Harry Wu, directory of Laogai Research Foundation in DC, investigated the allegation and found the witness unreliable

- Melbourn Australia-based dissident Mr. Zhang HeTse of China Aid Online (?) has come forward and supported Harry Wu's finding, while pointing out FLG's phone call evidence is fake.

- The hospital Falun Gong accused in reality is a joint venture with a company affaliated with the Malaysian government. Malay officials have documented prior year visit, and the facility has been open to public for years.

- Mr. David Kilgour, author of a Canadian FLG report and a long time prosecutor, ignored obvious misrepresentation of evidence in his own report that used autopsy photo as evidence or organ harvesting.

Specifically, Kilgour report Appendix 12, Case 1, involving Mr. Wang Bin. Even according to Falun Gong's own evidence, an autopsy was performed as part of Mr. Wang's murder investigation held by local authority.

However, Kilgour report ignored the misrepresentation and recoreded it as evidence of organ removal, ommitting the fact organ removal by medical examiner during autopsy is routine.

In reality the photo proves the opposit is true.

- Mr. Kilgour can not divorce himself from the fact his report is sponsored by a Falun Gong group in Washington DC that is evidentely political.

In conclusion, while China's human rights record should be examined, writing allegory of "Schindler's List" is not the way.

If we in the west can not be precise with our accusation, only resort of nefarious political indictment and sensational fabrication. Why should anyone take what we say seriousely?


- US State Department Investigation:

- Translation of Harry Wu's open letter regarding his investigation of Falun Gong's accusation:


- Comment by Mr. Zhang Hetse on Harry Wu's open letter (untranslated):


- Congressional Executive Committee on China brief commented on the reliability of the Kilgour report:


- Malaysian government document on Sujiatun hospital visit:


- Kilgour Report, Appendix 12 Case 1, Mr. Wang Bin from a 2000 FAlun Gong article:


Anonymous said...

Only a handful of people do not agree with the conclusions of Kilgour-Matas preliminary investigative report. http://investigation.go.saveinter.net Of course the regime has criticized the report. http://www.theepochtimes.com/news/6-8-10/44796.html but they've not provided any answers for the unexplained 41,500 transplants.

Since the persecution started, it is said that hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have disappeared in China and it's not hard to imagine that they would have become unwilling organ donors. The CCP has a special hatred for them and vilify them every chance they get. http://www.theepochtimes.com/news/4-12-18/24972.html

But it sounds like Harry Wu's ego has been bruised by the simple fact that other investigators came up with evidence and he didn't. Before that he was the King on 'Organ Harvesting' issues in China. I read the Kilgour-Matas report where they examined 18 pieces of evidence and their conclusions that organ harvesting targeting the Falun Gong are very credible.

Apparently the witnesses refused to meet with Harry but have met with Ethan Gutmann, Jay Nordlinger and Bill Gertz and maybe others. That is telling.

Why does Beijing want this report discredited? Beijing admitted to harvesting a few organs from a few death row prisoners last December and this is the image they want to maintain. They are not about to confess to targeting Falun Gong and by so doing admitting their genocidal campaign...there lies the gap. Form your own opinion by reading the report: http://investigation.go.saveinter.net

I find it unfortunate that Mr. Wu's http://www.faluninfo.net/displayAnArticle.asp?ID=9452 fruitless investigation after Marth 9th -- which was already too late by then because the evidence was gone -- to be used as the foundation to discredit a very credible report exposing a genocidal campaign that should be taken seriously by people who respect humanity and the laws of heaven and earth.

Matas calls this practice a new form of evil on the planet. http://www.theepochtimes.com/news/6-8-17/45032.html BTW Matas has a pile of phone bills if you're wanting to cross-check them Bob. http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/issuesideas/story.html?id=6a97d044-615a-496b-b7d6-e79e36636592

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