12 August, 2006

Not news worthy

I guess the deaths of Iraqis and Palestinians should not be news worthy anymore, now that that a terror plot at the airports have been uncovered. It seems their lifes have no value anymore.


Anonymous said...

Huh? Is this based on a story (link?) or...?

marwan said...

As I write this, the top headline on BBC News is still the UN ceasefire resolution.

News media isn't beholden to follow a particular story, they follow what is topical and relevant to their own readership. If BBC covers a story about a bomb plot originating in England, it's relevant to the majority of English. Similiarly for the US, where the plot was headed.

Don't discount the effects of "Lebanon fatigue", either - this new situation allows western viewers a break from constant coverage of a crisis in which frankly, they have no personal stake beyond humanitarian appeal.

And for the world audience, the Islamic background means that the stories are clearly linked.

Balushi said...

Who gives a shit about americans entering homes and Raping little girls in their home in front of their families!!!

and shooting each family member on their heads after Raping them!

And broad day light massacre of civilians in their villages.

Who gives a shit if you bomb people homes and Nations at your own will and judgement!!!! - what the hell!!!

Yeah! But My heart goes to all those Brits and Americans who havent been able to go for their Tropical holidays!!! becoz of this fuckin terror plot.

May God Give you brits all the courage and will to go through this Nightmare that has been brought upon you. Ameen!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Balushi, I am not sure why you have to get your point across like you do.

Killing, raping, and murder is wrong no matter whom does it. So the people that where plotting to blow up the planes, are wrong just as others are for what they do.

Do you really believe that they are right in what they where planning???

If you do, then you are no better than the Americans and the Brits, which you seem to feel so warmly for.

Axonsax said...

chips, shoulders, soulders, chips, come and get 'em; get 'em while there hot.........

Anonymous said...

As far as khaleej times headlines are concerned (yesterday's and todays), looks like the terror plot was nothing but a marketing plot to take away the headlines from lebanon.

ColOman said...
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Axonsax said...

and we wonder why they fight.

We need a ceasefire on this bloody blog first

ColOman said...
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ColOman said...

Terrorist are terrorist irrespective if they kill Iraqi civilians or British civilians and people’s lifes are worth the same if they are Iraqi or British. But it seems Iraqi lifes are worth less than Europeans.

Imagine every time there is a terror plot in Iraq all the coverage in the news would be about that only, that would mean 3 years of coverage of Iraq only, since people actually die there everyday. People die in Iraq and they are not even accounted for ! Are they that worthless that no one knows they are missing or dead?

I know this view seems extreme but look at the flip side of the argument too, people die everyday and they don’t make headlines because it’s irrelevant to ‘us’ so why should a plot make headline news at this side of the world?

ColOman said...

We are not fighting, we are expressing our views without any restrictions and without being P.C.

Anonymous said...

coloman, I don't think it has anything to do with Iraqi lives being valued less than anyone elses' life. You said it, it's been three years... readerw/viewers don't want to see the same bloody pictures day after day. That doesn't make the killing and suffering any less true or sad.

And it's not about other side of the world either. The "plot" will move out of the headlines, just as pretty much everything does.

Media thinks we get tired of the same stuff over and over again, and they're probably right.

If there was a terror plot revealed every other day in the UK, it wouldn't get the same kind of press, I'm sure. I think it's just the name of the game.

ColOman said...
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ColOman said...

Fatigued, you might be right, but we would not know unless people are killed and boombs go off everyday in the UK, that could never happen because the value of life is more precious than that of the Iraqi people as every pound and effort will used to stop such a thing from happening.
Can we say the same effort would or is spent in Iraq to stop such things for happening?

Anonymous said...

in the meanwhile the livses of 2 israel isoldiers is newsworthy and war worthy and today also united nation security council worthy! does anybody know of security council decison that mentins specific 2 people and says NOTHING about more than thousand killed leabanse and a country destoyed? whos elives ar more worthy, even in the uinted nations?

Axonsax said...

Balushi's comments are designed not to stimulate debate but aim to ignite hate and anger amoungst readers.

I no that we are not meant to take him seriously butI propose he be banned from posting comments on this blog.

secretdubai said...

Technically it's impossible to ban a single users. The only options are:

(1) Only allowing UAE comm members to comment

(2) Moderating all comments (which I don't really have time for)

(3) Deleting a user's comments as and when they make them (which isn't always immediate)

Axonsax said...

Reading his comments on a couple of posts over the last couple of days, I would not be surprised if Etisalat blocked this site!

They (rightly to a certain extent) seem sensitive to any extreme views posted on UAE web sites.

I understand your problems and do not envy you in the slightest - hell of a job!

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