30 August, 2006

How Will I Be Treated When I Go Back Home?

I am an American, I have been living in Dubai, UAE for almost a year...does that make me a threat to Homeland Security?


Anonymous said...

I'm a Canadian who's lived in the UAE for three years, and flies into the US once or twice a year.

I've never had the slightest problem entering, unless you count the customs people wanting to check that the dates I was bringing in didn't count as "fresh fruit and vegetables".

I often get "SSSS" (special secondary security screening) on my boarding pass for domestic US flights, but this was the case before I moved over here. I was told that this is because a number of blank Canadian passports were stolen from the embassy in Manila, and thus all passports issued within a certain time window are suspect.

clayfuture said...

Just wear a big jacket, sport a full beard, speak a few arabic words and keep fidgeting with your pockets. No one will notice a thing!

Anonymous said...

Nope. you are not over reacting! I have lived in dubai over 26 years..and i have travelled to many countries - including the USA. And yes, since sept. 11, things have changed. I have found the US government specifically as being exceptionally difficult to 'handle'..so much so that since my last visit to USA (Jan 2003), i have refused to go to the States to visit relatives and friends if only to avoid being harrassed and treated like a criminal. And talking about pulling your baggage apart! well, that has happened several times and at one point I even missed my flight connecting flight out of the USA to get me back to dubai!!! I can understand all this thing about security, but if they are so experienced then the customs and security folks would KNOW who to look for!! Thats all i can say! sigh!

Anonymous said...

Bartman, I am originally an Iranian but now a Canadian citizen, and have lived in Dubai for several years.

Even though I obviously look a Middle-Easterner, I have had absolutely no problems whatsoever whenever I visit the US, be it through an airport or over any one of the several bridges connecting Canada to the US. At all times, US immigration officials have been very courteous and have never given me or my passport anything but a cursory look.

Perhaps it's the passport, eh??

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