20 August, 2006

To Kill a Talking Bird

When an Armenian community website publishes an article ridiculing the sex trade happening in Dubai, complete with photos and testimonials, you expect some form of action to be taken against the culprits.
Action was indeed taken. Wonder who is next?


Axonsax said...

very interesting.

the comment that sums it all up....

“The censorship of our publication proves once again that the Emirates’ government does not accept freedom of expression and prefers to conceal the truth from its people”.

and there you have it.

Seabee said...

This trade really must be stopped, but it needs the very highest authority to get involved.

Even if they don't give a damn about the girls, look at the damage it does to Dubai's image.

It helps tourism? Do we really want this kind of tourist here? We can do very well out of non-sex tourism.

Anonymous said...

before youtube got blocked ,i saw parts of this documentry. i guess that's y they blocked youtube.

secretdubai said...

Wonder who is next?

Us/whole of Blogspot probably. Followed by other blogging communities, and most of the free photo hosting services. But we have a few Plan Bs waiting.

archer14 said...

Woke, I dunno what you're upto, but please, blogging is one of the simple pleasures in life. I'd go crazy if etisalat decided to block it. Because posts like yours only speed up the inevitable. I advocate freedom of speech, but lets be a bit more diploamtic, shall we?

Theres not much you can do if they decide to pull the plug on blogspot.com.

EnglishTeacher365 said...

Proof again that Dubai really is the most exciting city in the world. [That's why I live in Abu Dhabi!] And proof again that Islam really is the most civilised and civilising religion in the world - that's why the authorities are trying to 'regulate' the trade, of course...

secretdubai said...

If Blogger/Blogspot is blocked, we will migrate UAE Community to another host, quite possibly its own domain name/hosting package with Wordpress software or some such installed.

Everyone who is a member will be contacted with the alternative arrangements (and more), so don't worry about getting suddenly "blocked out".

But do keep offline copies of your own blogs, if you want to keep your writings for future record, because even if they don't get blogged, there are always possibilities of Blogger crashing and losing data. Back ups are always time well spent.

trailingspouse said...

Aaargh! Just checked out how to backup my blog and it sounds horrible - all sorts of nasty html instructions typed into my template - I know I will screw it up. Anyone got the new Blogger Beta? Tell me it's easier on that!

Woke said...

Let me not quote Martin Luther King here but this geek friend of mine - Just move to another host incase they block Blogger.
Im sure we will get used to it the same way we are doing without Flickr, Myspace..

Anonymous said...

Woke: can't thank you enough for the post. But who has the courage, the resources and the time to follow up such cases? Are there any women's organisations here that will do it? I really applaud that Singaporean guy (Mike) who went to all that trouble, expense and risk on behalf of Lidia.

This nonsense just has got to end. By the way, it's not just women (and underage girls) it's little boys too. I can't forget the revulsion, horror and rage I felt, when walking by the creekside one morning I see this little boy of about 10-12 years being led by his "handler" like a lamb to the slaughter. Eyes full of despair and hopelessness, and puffed up for lack of sleep from what was obviously all-night abuse, night after night. I wanted to do something...perhaps I should go to the Police, I thought, but just then realised this was in full view of 2 policemen (guarding the Central Bank building) who looked on in an uninterested manner. Fear of getting entangled with some underworld gang held me back.

BTW, if exposing the truth is going to get blogs blocked, it's a chance we have to take. But I think comments like those of English Teacher 365 will do the job quicker, by bringing religion into what is a social issue.

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