13 August, 2006

New Feature - FYI

If anyone is interested, at Bss & Brn in Al Ain, I have started a new series of posts about the roundabouts of Al Ain. About once a day I am posting pictures of a different roundabout, specifically the art and landscaping at the center. I have gotten several positive responses about the posts, so I thought that I would make this announcement.

If you are not interested, sorry to interupt, please continue on with your day.

PS: This is your only warning - I'm not going to post one of these announcements everyday. ;)


Woke said...

Thats really cool brn.

Couldnt resist a dig at bd, eh?

Grumpy Goat said...

I think someone's been looking here.

As a proud owner of one of the original 'Roundabouts of Redditch' calendars, I support any effort to promote roundabouts. Now, if they could just desist from calling them 'round-a-bouts'...

Brn said...

Thanks woke.

Actually, I was aiming at the first commentator on that post, but I apparently missed. Sorry BD, I liked your reminders.

I had never seen that grumpy goat, but it looks really interesting. Thanks for the link.

bandicoot said...

Cool; I had a somewhat similar plan (with focus not on landscaping bu the history and urban experience) for Dubai roundabouts; well, I got this far in one of my earlier posts on roundaboutdubai. I think it's a fascinating subject!

sand in the vaseline said...

I support your cause to highlight the amazing roundabouts of Al Ain (and I hope the whole UAE) wholeheartedly!

Here is a small geature of support:


This might be removed in a while... but I wanted to offer some support.

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