15 August, 2006

Bush 'helped Israeli attack on Lebanon'

I chose the most important parts of the article to see the full article click here

Dan Glaister in Los AngelesMonday August 14, 2006The Guardian

"The US government was closely involved in planning the Israeli campaign in Lebanon, even before Hizbullah seized two Israeli soldiers in a cross border raids in July. American and Israeli officials met in the spring, discussing plans on how to tackle Hizbullah, according to a report published yesterday."

"A successful Israeli Air Force bombing campaign ... could ease Israel's security concerns and also serve as a prelude to a potential American pre-emptive attack to destroy Iran's nuclear installations," sources told Hersh."

Hersh has a track record in breaking major stories. He was the first to write about the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and has written extensively about the build-up to the war in Iraq.

"An unnamed Pentagon consultant told Hersh: "It was our intention to have Hizbullah diminished and now we have someone else doing it.""

I'm just amazed the the worl knew this only by today! I thought I knew it from before... anyhow I can smell a civil war coming on in Lebanon and I really wish that lebanese ppl will be much smarter than that.


archer14 said...

Civil war....I think you have used this term in the wrong context.

However, your faux pas could mean the key to saving lebanon from itself.

B.D. said...

Ditto. I don't see the connection between US schemes and meddling and Civil War. Wouldn't this incident instead unite the Lebanese to work together to protect their country's integrity?

Anonymous said...

My, my my. How gullible you people can be. Sunnis blowing up Shias in Iraq...and Bush not responsible? Work together indeed. Divide and rule, it's been a Western ploy since time immemorial...and Condi is its latest incarnation. Thought you knew better, BD.There's something the Lebanese have we're not aware of yet. Could be oil, could be gold reserves or diamonds. So the US is eliminating the Lebanese through their lackeys, the Israelis (ever willing to carry out US orders and pretend they thought of it themselves), so that the US and Uk can take over the country. The truth will be out soon. (Keep an eye on Bush's and Blair's personal incomes over the the next few years.)

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