31 August, 2006

Cool Places To Visit In Al Ain

Hey everybody! I'm going to Al Ain on the weekend. Any nice places you can suggest that I can visit? (or you can give your suggestions on my blog)



Kiwi Boy said...

You could go to Jebel Hafeeth, the tallest mountain in the UAE which is beautifully illuminated at night. Also, there's a bunch of springs right near Jebel Hafeeth and that place is beautiful too.

nzm said...

Jebel Hafeet and check out Bss & Brn in Al Ain's blog for some ideas like the camel market.

Brn said...

I made these on your blog too, but here are my suggestions:

The Oasis downtown

The Camel Souk - it doesn't take long to see, but it is cool to see that many camels all in one place.

Hili Archeology Park

Green Mubazzarah Park is very nice

The Al Ain Museum, at the edge of the oasis. It has a lot of really interesting stuff from the pre-Emirates days of Al Ain and Sheikh Zayed.

Brn said...

Or you could just get up early tomorrow and help me move. That is what all the cool people in Al Ain are doing.


Lirun said...

so one of your members visits my peace blog - run by an israeli (me) and a lebanese girl as well (loli) and leaves a comment..

uae alias said...
Lebanon is a beautiful country like what PALESTINE but thanks to u guys had turned it to shit in no time, so I want to express my deap hatred I use to pray everynight before i go to bed for the vanishing of Israel... it want make a diff ? maybe but I really wish you will visit me if you came to Dubai as Israel will be minus one...

Thursday, August 31, 2006 5:47:33 PM

anyone else care to invite me over?

wishing us all peace and mutual invitations painted with different tones..



clayfuture said...

Thanks guys! Now i'm sure not to get bored. I like museums!

Brn: I won't be there physically, but I'll be there spiritually. Just to help you!

canadian said...

i am living in al ain..
i will be glad to meet you and to show you some places or even we can talk to tell you about some places you could visit..

flic said...

Yes, a good starting point (and well-worth-it and relaxing) place to visit while in Al Ain would be the Oasis in the Town Center [it's already mentioned here]. Ask around and you'll soon find your way there.

You could take a nice stroll on the wide shaded (by date palm trees) cobble-stoned pathways. And there's a very good (and nice-looking) little resturaunt and cafe in the Oasis to stop and take a break.

benpiper said...

Hi folks - it's a bit off the subject but I just moved to Al Ain with my wife and baby - just interested to see if anybody is up for meeting up. I am an Architect used to living in London - Al Ain seems pretty quiet. Feel free to get in touch!

Ben Piper
050 760 3849

benpiper said...

Hi folks

benpiper said...

Hi folks,

architect just moved to Al ain from london - interested in meeting up?

Are there any other forums?


050 760 3849

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