15 August, 2006

Microsoft allows anyone to create XBox

A new game development platform from Microsoft allows anyone to create games for its Xbox 360 console, the company said on Monday.
Typically, console games are designed by large studios that must pay high prices to buy development kits in order to write games for consoles. Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio Express is a new development kit, to be released in beta form in August, that will be available for free to anyone using a Windows XP PC. The kit is designed for game developer novices as well as studios, Microsoft said.

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Anonymous said...

Personally I enjoy this sort of news, but what am I missing here? I mean, is this the sort of thing you want on the Community Blog?

If everyone just posts anything they're interested in whether its UAE related or not, then what's the point of this site?

Anonymous said...

I see by your post that you got the story from MacWorld, so are you a Mac fan??? If so aren't you suppose to not like Microsoft, and what they make??? LOL

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