29 August, 2006

Attacking Etisalat

What seems to be ever growing trend recently, 7days has published an article on the telecom company attacking the higher talking charges. All of us (expats especially) have our differences with various governmental and corporate organizations operating in UAE, however, nothing seems to fire up our dismay as much as Etisalat. The company is now known for its proxy and monopolistic practices, however, I remember the days when it was known for its innovative services such as the longest continues running corridor of reception service, at least in the middle east. (Of course Proxy was there too, but people cared less!)

Utimately, it is in the hands of the local government as well as the citizens of UAE ( Nationals) who decide the future of the telecom companies and their practices. My question to the locals is this: What do YOU think about the telecom role and responsibilities should be? And How would you like to see your Telecom industry to change?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I can only laugh at the situation, and not out of humour if you'll get what I mean.
The costs are outrageous, whether per second of calling or an SMS or MMS. it's too expensive.. some people may not care now because they do have the finances to support them, but I dont think for long to come.I for one don't blabber too much in the phone, in an effort to make ETSLT realize that we're not going to put up with their atrocities. But it has always been said, and I believe it, as long as their is demand there will be supply, and fools can be lured to anything. I am a pure national, and the "hahahaha" i commmenced with is with regards to the reality a national embraces here, there is so much we can do dear, so don't count on us.

Samawel said...

To keep thoughts simple, get the monopoly away, let people censor their own access to the computers (rather than allow the companies to censor the access), innovate in various telco services, and decrease prices.

As for now, the Telco Reg Authority and Etisalat are doing an extremely horrible job; whether they'll begin to think and act respectably over the coming years remains to be seen.

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