19 August, 2006

Most commented upon post of August 2005

UAE community blog: Obscene driving behaviour

A problem that is still with us. Still, it was a simpler time, wasn't it?


secretdubai said...

God I nearly forgot that horrible murderous driver giving me the finger.

The problem is there have been so many similar aggressive tailgaters since. And there will be so many similar aggressive tailgaters during the next year.

I lose hope.

Axonsax said...

they will reap what they sow....

many, many blacked out 4x4 drivers die on the roads.

the only shame is the people they kill.

the attitude of the law enforcement officers to traffic violations by certain members of our community is no different to their attitude to other crimes committed by the same small section of this community.

you would think they own the place....

hope they don't sell their soul....

trailingspouse said...

The comment by Your Man in Dubai made the most sense to me:-

Anyway I learn't my lesson, I now like to pride myself on not getting flased. You can see them flashing others I move over then! Also when you hear about all these terror stories even especially when they aren't mallicious just stupid drivers, people will always say 'I knew he would do that'. I will always answer then why did you get in his way? Yes it is anoying not your responsibilty, his fault. But it only costs seconds to step back and slow down. It might save your life, at least your car. You know what it is like when you have a little bump it can take you hours to sort out. The best thing I find it doesn't wind me up, therefore I don't get stressed I don't try to get even. I say to myself kill yourself not me.

Plus SD's advice from a defensive driving instructor it is not going to change in any of our lifetimes.

Personally I'd rather arrive 5 minutes late in this world than 5 minutes early in the next.

Grumpy Goat said...

SD: Did you eventually decide to ring 800 4353 and report Mr Beard's offensive driving?

Axonsax: Immune to road traffic law they may be. But Sir Isaac Newton's laws are universal, as too many drivers discover to their cost.

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