15 August, 2006

Arabic Mac OS X being developed

Our Apple User Group had an opportunity to take a look at a pre-release developer version of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger in Arabic. It's certainly an early version and the conversion work is far from complete but we have a quick preview with screenshots.

Mac OS X has since 10.2 Jaguar had "Arabic support" but now a complete Arabic version is being developed.


B.D. said...

Good news for Arabic speakers. So will we finally see Mac computers used more commonly here--and sold at more reasonable prices?

Magnus Nystedt said...

Unfortunately, I don't think they'll become any cheaper. But if they do become more popular, perhaps service, support, and availability will improve.

Samawel said...

Ooh! That shall be fun. I've known of a couple of Linuces around on the Internet in Arabic (particularly from Egypt), but they're not done very well.

Considering that Mac does make an effort on most of their work, I'd assume that they'll do quite alright with the language side to it. Can't wait to check it out properly when it's done.

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