09 August, 2006

UrbaNite Bike: Nite 1 'Curfew in Dubai?'

We got an awesome work out, took some good pictures and had a great time up until the point where we got pulled over. Yes I said "pulled over", while riding a bike in our neighborhood. Why we got pulled over is still a bit of a blur to me since the cops gave us about ten different reasons...the most amusing to me being that "there is a curfew in Dubai"... Read the whole story here.


B.D. said...

On my first visit to Dubai in 2000 I was told by some workers in Deira that there was a curfew--11, 12 pm, something like that. I suppose like a lot of places there are a lot of dumb, antiquated laws on the books that are selectively enforced.

Another explanation is that together with lawyers and bankers, cops are at the top of my list of the most detestable professions. The problem with cops is despite what the laws say they are unto themselves the defacto law. They can do what they want to people, but to challenge them one must be prepared to battle heaven and earth. It isn't just a UAE thing; it seems to be a universal characteristic of every city's finest.

LuluDXB said...

Yes BD I agree it is a universal characteristic, LAPD and Glendale(CA)PD, are on the top of my irksome list. I just felt a bit more helpless in this situation than I probably would have back home...I guess it was mostly the language barrier though. I just hate the fact that there are no 'standard' rules here, even the guy I called at 181 who was an Emirati didn't know about this supposed curfew.

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