28 August, 2006

September Rendezvous - Art Exhibition

Our Group's September meetup...posting it a bit late though. Home-based artists/professionals are welcome to display their works at the private exhibition (details below):

Guys and gals! We are having the Sept Rendezvous with a difference! We are coupling this one with an art exhibition (private) so go ahead and give your ayes on the link below:


If anyone wants to add their creative work in this exhibition get in touch with me prior to the 28th of August (last date) regarding collection of items! We are rushing behind the scenes to get this event organized! We have the following people exhibiting their labour of love:

1. Rasul - An award winning artist with such a wide range in his work! You got to see his work to believe...
2. Muniba - A passionate stain glass painter and we can be sure they will be good!
3. Arsha - A student who takes up project artwork for people!

Call Sabiha - 050 6582900 to confirm.


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